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Table of Contents

Anatomy of a Reflexology Research Study 1
Introduction To Reflexology Research 3
Ways To Use This Book 5
Using "Reflexology Research" Class or Research 5
Why Write This Book On Reflexology Research? 6
Why Conduct Reflexology Research? 7
About The Researchers 9
Preparing For The Study  
Why We Selected Pre-Menstrual Syndrome - PMS 11
Literature Search - Finding Research On PMS 12
Which Of Over 130 PMS Symptoms To Study? 13
How To Measure Changes In Symptoms? The Likert Scale 14
Designing A Standardized Measurement Instrument 15
Pre-Menstrual Symptom Diary 16
Why Was This Established As A Six Month Study? 17
Designing The Format Of The Study 18
Randomized Study, Controlled Study - Three Groups 18
Single Blind Study 19
Conducting The Study  
Finding Women To Be Research Subjects 20
Notice Of Study - Poster & Flie 21
Notice Of Study - Newspaper Advertisements 22
Interviewing And Screening Women Who Responded 23
Orientation Meeting For The Research Subjects 25
Introductory Letter 26
Instructions To Participants In Reflexology Study 27
Demographic Questionnaire 28
Signed Consent To Participate In Research 28
Instructions For Pre-Menstrual Symptom Diary 29
Pre-Menstrual Symptom Diary 30
Being In Touch At The Beginning Of The Study 32
Staying In Touch With Each Woman During The Study 33
Keeping Track Of All The Daily Diaries 33
Letter Staying In Touch 35
The Hands-On Middle Two Months Of The Study 36
Standardizing The Hands-On Portion Of The Study 36
The Length Of The Hands-On Reflexology Sessions 37
Finding Research Assistants To Do The Reflexology 38
Active Reflexology - Group #A, Hands-On Routine 39
Placebo Reflexology - Group #B, Hands-On Routine 40
Analyzing The Large Volume Of Statistical Information 41
A Sample Analyzed Pre-Menstrual Symptom Diary 42
Reflexologists Can Find Statistical Help Close To Home 43
Preparing For Publication  
What Does Published Mean? 44
What Does "Reported" Or "Presented" Mean 44
Write Reports For Submission To Specific Journals 45
Standard Information Required In Research Papers 46
Initially Submitted PMS Reflexology Research 47
What Is "Peer Review" And The "Peer Review Process"? 67
Preliminary Acceptance Of The Study For Publishing 68
Response To Publishers Request For Modifications 68
Receiving Notice Of Acceptance For Publication 75
The Final Version Of The Study As It Was Published 77
After Publication  
Ways To Inform Reflexologists And The General Public 85
PMS Article 87
Press Release 93
Article Printed Based On The Press Release 95
A Visual Approach To Understanding Study Results 97
Later Release Of Psychological & Physical Symptoms Data 98
Funding Of The PMS Study 99
Sources Of Research Funding 100
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