First Published Reflexology Research


The American Academy of Reflexology conducted the first reflexology research study to ever
be published in scientific medical literature, when the study appeared in the prestigious journal, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol. 82, #6, December 1993. This ground-breaking study was
reported around the world, including in Journal Watch, which is published by the same people
who publish the New England Journal of Medicine.

Publishing of the study, and the wide spread reporting that followed in magazines,
newspapers, numerous professional journals, as well as on radio, television, for the first
time, gave Reflexologists around the world the ability to say, "Yes" when asked if there
was any published scientific Reflexology Research validating that Reflexology works.

Since the study was published, many other Reflexology Research Studies have been reported
around the world. For any number of reasons, the PMS Reflexology Research Study has
helped open doors for others around the world to conduct their studies.


Reflexology Research provided courtesy of the
American Academy of Reflexology
, Bill Flocco, Director.
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Continuing Education ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP, many Cities, and States.



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