Reflexology for Birthing

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  Birthing, Pregnancy, Labour  

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  Denmark   Gynaecological Obstetrics Department of Arhus University Hospital  



Unknown author, "Foot Reflex Therapy in the Treatment of Primary Inertia During Labour, Women in Labour." Labour Ward in Arhus University Hospital . (No other publication details available.)


  99 women in labor with primary inertia were divided into two groups. Forty-nine women, in the active group, were given foot reflexology; and 50 women, in the control group, were only given social support from the mid wife. Results: 65% of the control group had syntocinondrip versus 45% of women in the active group, and women in the active group had a larger change in cervix dilation. The active group experienced stronger contractions, and no side effects.


  Reflexology can play a positive beneficial role in the relief of primary inertia during labor.

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