Reflexology for Dementia

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  United States Of America   Thomas Jefferson University and Polisher Research Institute  



Hodgeon, N., Andersen, S., " Reflexology reduces stress in nursing home residents with Dementia" Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine 2008 April 1, 2008, 14(3):259-275


  21 nursing home residents, 75 yrs and older, with mild to moderate dementia and stress were divided into 2 groups. The first group was given 30 min. of reflexology once a week for four weeks followed by a friendly visit once a week for four weeks. The second groups treatments were done in reverse order. In both groups, the sessions began with 5 minutes of progressive relaxation techniques and light stretching of feet and hands followed by 25 minutes of companionship and conversation. Several types of data were collected to measure stress level: saliva samples, observations of affect using AARS and pain using CNPI.


  Reflexology was found to be effective in reducing stress in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia.

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