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  Eyes, Ophthalmic Disease, Infantile Hordeolum  

Study Conducted:



  China   August First Sanatorium  



Fengqiu, W. and Dejin, P., "Comparison of Curative Effects Between Two Therapies in Treating Infantile Hordeolum." 2000 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing : China Reflexology Association, pages 42-43.


  45 cases, both male and female, ages 8 months to 5 years with Infantile Hordeolum (a dysfunction caused by poor diet, affecting the stomach and intestines, lowering the metabolism and sometimes creating abscesses) from 3 days to 6 months were given foot reflexology. Group A, 25 cases, also received chiropractic theraphy; and Group B, 20 cases, were given ophthalmologic therapy. After 2 weeks, 23 cases (92%), in Group A, were relieved and 2 cases (8%) were not; 17 cases (85%), in Group B, were relieved and 3 cases (15%) were not. The effective rate of relief between both groups was about the same, but the recurrence rate for Group A was much less.



Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of Infantile Hordeolum when used in conjunction with chiropractic care.

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