Reflexology for Hypertension

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  Nerves, Hypertension  

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  Korea   Department of Nursing, Pusan National University  



Park HS., Cho GY., “Effects of Foot Reflexology on Essential Hypertension Patients.” Psan 602-739, Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi. 2004 Aug;34(5):739-50.


  34 patients with essential hypertension were divided into two groups: 18 were placed in an experimental group and 16 into a control group. The experimental group was given foot reflexology two times a week for 6 weeks and self-foot reflexology was done two times a week for 4 weeks. Results: In the experimental group, the systolic blood pressure, the total cholesterol level, the triglyceride levels, were greatly decreased compared to the control group. However, the diastolic blood pressure, high density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein levels were not greatly decreased. In the experimental group, life satisfaction was greatly improved compared to the control group.



Foot Reflexology was shown to be an effective nursing intervention to decrease sys- tolic pressure and triglyceride levels, but not the blood cholesterol levels. Further research is needed to evaluate blood cholesterol in a larger group of subjects and for a longer period and to compare and evaluate effects of self-foot reflexology and foot reflexology.

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