Reflexology For Kidneys

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  Kidneys, Ureter, Ureter Stones  

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  China   People's Hospital of Lishui City  



Ying, X., and Chen, Y., "Foot Reflexology as An Accessory Treatment after External Lithotrity." 1996 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing : China Reflexology Association, pages 58-60.


  46 cases, both male and female, 28 with renal stones and 18 with ureter stones, were diagnosed with nephrolithiasis or ureterolithiasis. All of them had lumbar pain and marked renal colic; 22 had hematuria and 12 had abdominal pain. Another group of 50 patients, the control group, were not treated.. The first group was given 45 minutes of foot reflexology daily after breaking down their stones with a lithoclast. 46 cases had no soreness after the lithogogous; and after 20 days of foot reflexology elimination of the stones was much faster compared to the 50 cases that were untreated.



Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of renal or ureter calculus as an accessory treatment to external lithotrity.

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