Reflexology For Kidneys

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  Kidneys, Kidney Stones  

Study Conducted:



  Denmark   Glostrup Hospital  



Eriksen, L., "Reflexology Use in Ureter and Kidney Stone Attacks." Zoneterapeuten (Journal of the Danish Reflexologists Association, FDZ, No. 6, 1993.


  30 hospital patients with acute ureteric colic were given foot reflexology for pain relief. They were divided into 3 groups of 10 each. One group (active group) received reflexology focusing on kidney reflexes, and the other two groups (control groups) received reflexology not related to the kidneys. In active group, 9 patients had pain relief and 5 continued without use of pain medication. The 2 control groups did not receive the same pain relief.



Foot reflexology has shown effectiveness for relief of pain in instances of acute ureteric colic.

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