Reflexology For Multiple Health Conditions

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  Reflexology Helps Multiple Health Conditions, Constipation, Anxiety, Depression  

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  Korea   Catholic University of Korea, Songeui Campus  



Choi, EU., "Effects of Foot Reflexology Education Program on Constipation, Anxiety and Depression in Nursing Students." Sigma Theta Tau International, 2004


  61 nursing students, with constipation, anxiety and depression were divided into two groups. Thirty-one students were place into an experimental group and 30 into a control group. The experimental group took a foot reflexology education program made to suit their needs for six weeks. It included 2 weeks of theory and 4 weeks of practical skill. A Bowel Function Assessment Form was done to measure constipation, along with a State Anxiety Inventory and Beck Depression Inventory. After the sessions, their bowel function scores and their anxiety and depression states were greatly decreased in the experimental group versus the control group.



Foot reflexology educational program was shown to be effective in improving constipation, anxiety and depression for the nursing students who had these symptoms.

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