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  Pregnancy, Ankle Oedema  

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  Australia   lGosford and Wyong Hospitals  



Mollart, L. “Single-Blind Trial Addressing The Differential Effects Of Two Reflexology Techniques Versus Rest, On Ankle And Foot Oedema In Late Pregnancy.” (2003). Complementary Therapies In Nursing And Midwifery, 9, Pages 203-208.


  Fifty-five (55) women with a normal pregnancy of greater than 30 weeks gestation were divided into three groups. Group 1 (20 participants) received relaxing reflexology techniques, group 2 (25 participants) received lymphatic reflexology technique, and Group 3, the control (10 participants), had rest. The reflexology consisted of three 15 minute sessions. The numbers dwindled from 55 completing the first session to 20 completing session three. Only one session was analyzed due to this factor. There was no statistically significant decrease in ankle oedema in any of the three groups, although there was some decrease in the ankle measurements in lymphatic reflexology group. The participants’ questionnaire show statistically significant decreases in symptoms of stress, tension, anxiety, pain, tiredness, irritability and discomfort in all groups.


  This study suggests that reflexology may be effective for helping pregnant women to reduce foot oedema, and help them cope with levels of stress, tension, anxiety, pain, tiredness, irritability and discomfort associated with the pregnancy.

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