Reflexology For Stomach And Gastritis

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  Gastrointestinal Disorders  

Study Conducted:



  China   The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine  



Jun, P., "Clinical Observation on 526 cases of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder Treated by Reflexotherapy combined with Tuina Manipulation." 2004 China Symposium Reflexology Report, pages 40-42.


  In 526 cases of functional gastrointestinal disorder, 308 patients had functional indigestion, 218 irritable bowel syndrome; 285 were male and 241 female; age varied from 14 to 70 years. Foot reflexotherapy was used as well as Tuina manipulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Therapeutic results after two courses of treatment showed a 95% effective rate overall. This research showed that foot reflexotherapy, with its remarkable therapeutic effect in treating functional gastrointestinal diseases, being economical, safe, and easy to manipulate, has very good prospect for development.

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