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  Comfortable Pain, Cardiac Changes Measured By Electrocardiogram  

Study Conducted:



  Japan   Japanese-Chinese Reflexology Association  



Kimiko, S., "Reflexology and Autonomic Nervous System – Where does the "comfortable pain" come from?" 2004 China Symposium Reflexology Report , pages 19-22.


  The body feels pain from strong stimulation by reflexology, but proper stimulation can introduce "comfortable pain," a psychological reaction. An observation was made by the author based on the theory that reflexology can adjust functions of autonomic nerves, which includes the vagus nerve and sympathetic nerve. One can judge the balance of these two nerves through observing the change of the heart rate using electrocardiogram when reflexology was applied.



"Comfortable pain" is a status when reflexology stimulation has induced adjustment inside the body to keep the vagus nerve and sympathetic nerve in certain scope of balance – the result of penetration techniques conducted by the practitioner.

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