Reflexology For Urinary Issues

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  Urinary Bladder, Bedwetting  

Study Conducted:



  Denmark   Not indicated.  



Eriksen, L., "Reflexology Research into Enuresis Nocturna/Bed Wetting 2." Danish Reflexologists Association Research Committee Report, 1995, first reported in 1991.


  18 children, from 5-10 yrs of age, with bedwetting problems, were given 15 reflexology treatments for 11 weeks. Evaluation was determined by questionnaires, and a daily diary by the parents of the intensity of the bedwetting episodes. 43.8% had less bedwetting episodes, 23% went from soaking wet to a little wet. Two children completely stopped bedwetting and one child had only rare episodes... The number of wet nights dropped 30%. One month later it remained consistent.



Foot reflexology can help to reduce incident or severity of bedwetting in children.

Reflexology Research provided courtesy of the
American Academy of Reflexology
, Bill Flocco, Director.

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