Reflexology Studies for Pregnancy

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  Ireland   large maternity hospital in Belfast  



McNeill, Jennifer A., Alderdice, Fiona A., and McMurray, Frances. "A Retrospective Cohort Study Exploring The Relationship Between Antenatal Reflexology And Intranatal Outcomes." 2006 Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 12, pp.119-125.


  This study of 150 low risk (no medical or obstetric complications) women in their first pregnancy was divided into two groups. Fifty received reflexology, and the rest were in a control group that received no reflexology. The number of reflexology sessions differed from one to 4 or more, and the women had been referred for reflexology for backache, constipation, pelvic arthropy or were women who wished to avoid interventions during labor. There was no difference in the primary outcome of interest in the study—onset of labor—between the two groups.


  Further research is needed in this area in which reflexology is applied for more sessions and in a more uniform matter.

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