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Bill Flocco

First Reflexology Research Study Published in Medical Literature

For years, one of the most frequently asked questions of Reflexologists was, "Are there any studies validating the effectiveness of Reflexology." The answer was no. During the mid 1980's Dr. Terry Oleson and Bill Flocco discussed the issue, deciding to combine their talents and resources, to conduct a Randomized Controlled Reflexology Research Study, according to the strict standards of research ethics and protocols demanded by the highest echelons of the medical research community
PMS Reflexology Research Study

Reflexology Research - A How-To Book

Reflexology Research: Anatomy of a Reflexology Research Study. 2nd Edition by Bill Flocco. See the detailed Table of Contents of a book that teaches you, step-by-step, from beginning to publishing, how to successfully conduct Reflexology Research and get your study published in highly respected medical literature.

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