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Abdominal Pain Gallbladder Multiple Sclerosis
Addiction Gout Muscular Dystrophy
Allergies Handicapped Children Neck
Application - Non Tactile Hands, Shoulders, Elbows Neurological Conditions
Application - Tactile Headaches Nose
Arthritis Heart, Blood Pressure Obesity
Asthma Hepatitis B Ovaries
Birthing Herpes Zoster Parkinson's
Blood Hypertension Physiological Response
Brain Hysterectomy Pregnancy
Breasts Infants, Children Profile of Reflexologists And Clients
Cancer Infertility Reflexology Diagnosis - Tactile
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Irritable Bowels (IBS) Reflexology Diagnosis
Cerebral Palsy Kidneys Reflexology Maps & Reflex Locations
Circulatory Legs, Knees, Ankles Respiratory Infections
Constipation, Colitis Liver Retardation
Critical Care Lower Back, Sciatica Retrospective Studies
Dementia Lungs, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, COPD Skin
Diabetes Lupus Sleep, Insomnia
Diarrhea Male Reproductive Stomach, Gastritis
Ears Menopause Surgery
Epilepsy Menstruation, PMS Thyroid
Eyes Miscellaneous Urinary Issues
Facial Palsy Mouth Teeth Tonsils Workplace, Fewer - Sick Days
Fatigue Multiple Health Conditions  


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